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Top 10 Kitchen Styles with pictures of each

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. 


It’s not just a place to cook food – it’s a gathering place, a place to entertain, and the hub of your home. 


When you have friends over for dinner, where do you socialize over your meal? 


The kitchen. 


And when your kids come home from school, where is the first place they go? 


The kitchen! 


Because it serves you in so many ways, you want to be sure that you love your kitchen!


At Misty Mountain Cabinetry, we understand that you want a kitchen that you’re proud of and love spending time in.


We’ve put together a list of popular kitchen styles to help you figure out what you like. We will look at 10 of the most popular kitchen styles and the features of each one. 


Ready to find out which one suits you best?  


You can read through the whole article, or click which kitchen style you want to view first in the table of contents below. 


Let’s take a look!

Table Of Contents

Contemporary Kitchen Style

Everybody has a unique style. Almost nobody has a purely Rustic or Modern style.


Look through these 10 kitchen styles for inspiration, but don’t be boxed in! Give your creativity free reign and combine elements of each style to create your own unique look. 


Without further ado, here are 10 of the most popular kitchen styles: 


Contemporary Kitchen Style


Contemporary design is a cutting-edge look perfect for those who like to be up to date. 


Main features of Contemporary kitchen design


Contemporary design is:

  • Sleek
  • Clean
  • Streamlined
  • Bold
  • High Contrast


Trendier and more varied than the Modern style, Contemporary design incorporates minimalist and modern designs. 

contemporary kitchen design style 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Contemporary presents an ‘in the now’ look. Clean lines and simple design are the underlying themes, though the look can change with trends. This style is very low-clutter.   


The Contemporary color palette includes mainly neutrals with bright pops of bold color as accents. 


The style often uses glass, shiny finishes, light woods, and natural materials like stone. It also uses geometric shapes for interest.  


Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen   


Contemporary Kitchens often include: 


  • Cabinets with a sleek, angular design and little ornamentation. The two main styles of cabinets used in contemporary kitchens are Shaker and Flat-front (also known as Slab cabinets,) because they are simple and minimalistic. The no-handle look goes great with the simple style.


  • A color palette of white, black, gray, or beige with a bit of accent color. 


  • Uncomplicated furniture with clean lines but soft edges. 


  • Metal, granite, marble, stainless steel, and other smooth, shiny finishes.


  • Green, energy-efficient appliances that go with the “in the now” feeling. 


  • Large windows and lots of natural lighting. Also recessed lights or modern-looking light fixtures.   


If you are trendy, modern, and like a clean, streamlined look, maybe a Contemporary style kitchen would be a good choice for you. 

Rustic Kitchen Style

Most of us already have a good idea of what rustic design looks like. This style goes for the woodsy look of a log cabin. 


Main features of Rustic design  


Rustic design is: 

  • Earthy
  • Cozy 
  • Natural
  • Warm
  • Inviting 


Think barn beams and natural wood everywhere. Rustic style is homey, practical, and country-oriented. It often embraces the raw look of large beams and rough-hewn natural wood.

rustic kitchen design style 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Rustic decor showcases the beauty of subdued hues and natural materials like stone, homespun materials, and wood.   


The color palette often includes deep, earthy forest colors. Rust reds are very popular.  


Elements of a Rustic Kitchen 


Rustic kitchens often include: 


  • Large, functional, hardwood cabinets, sometimes left in a rough, unfinished state. Sometimes cabinets will have visible knots or other ‘flaws.’ Cabinets will often have wrought iron, bronze, or distressed metal knobs to finish the look. 



  • Naturals, naturals, naturals!


  • Large, rough-hewn wooden beams.


  • An earthy color palette.


  • Lots of texture from natural wood, granite, slate, and other natural materials.


  • Apron front sinks 


  • If you are really ambitious, a real stone fireplace!  


If you are woodsy, outdoorsy, and folksy, then Rustic design is the perfect choice for you!    

Tuscan Kitchen Design

Tuscan style pulls inspiration from the warm, sunny landscape of Tuscany, Italy. 


Main features of Tuscan design 


Tuscan design is: 

  • Warm-colored 
  • Italian
  • Elegant
  • Lived-in
  • Earthy 


A Tuscan kitchen feels like a vacation villa instead of a place to chore while making food! The design models the styles of rustic Italy and can feel a bit historical as well.   


This design is heavy on materials like terra cotta, brick, and mosaic tile. It often includes natural features like raw wood, exposed beams, and window boxes bursting with flowers. 

tuscan kitchen design style 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Most surfaces in a Tuscan kitchen will be matte or distressed – you won’t find anything high-gloss or shiny.


The Tuscan color palette includes warm, rich colors such as ochre, gold, terracotta, yellow, and Mediterranean blue to give a warm, welcoming feel.


Elements of a Tuscan kitchen  


A Tuscan kitchen might include:  


  • Brightly painted cabinets in blue, orange, or red.  


  • A lively, colorful mosaic backsplash or other tile ornamentation. 


  • Lots of terra cotta, rustic wood, cast iron, and other earthy, matte materials. 


  • An ornate chandelier for a touch of elegance.  


  • Lovingly displayed cooking implements – Italians love to cook! 


  • A cast-iron oven. 


  • Italy-inspired artwork.


  • An herb garden or window boxes with flowers 


If you have a taste for lived-in luxe and the warm feel of the Italian countryside, a Tuscan kitchen would be perfect for you!    

Country Kitchen Design

Country design seeks to create the homey, comfortable feel of a countryside cottage. 


Main features of Country design 


Country design is: 

  • Homey
  • Traditional  
  • Inviting 
  • Comfortable
  • Functional 


Country design represents casual, cozy, and simple. It incorporates vintage elements such as second-hand accessories and old-fashioned cookware. 


Materials usually include naturals like brick, stone, and wood. Elements like exposed beams, wood paneling, and wood flooring often pop up. 


The Country color palette includes pastels and bright colors. 


There are variations of the country style. You might like a modern country style, traditional country style, or even French or English country style. 


However, all of the styles emphasize simplicity and hominess.

common variations of a country kitchen style 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Retro Kitchen Design

Still in love with a past age? Have a blast from the past with some retro style! 


Main features of retro style


Retro style is: 

  • Charming 
  • Lively
  • Vintage
  • Funky
  • Playful 


The Retro style has a wild, fun flair to it. Not a quiet or simple style, it uses bold colors and textures to make a statement.  


The color palette includes bright, happy colors. Avocado green is the most popular one, followed by mustard yellow, purple, hot pink, and red. Black and white are also common. 


Busy patterns are another trademark retro element. You might find tie-dye, checkers, or paisley patterns in Retro decor. 

popular retro kitchen colors 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Elements of a Retro kitchen 


A Retro kitchen might include: 


  • Cabinets in bright, fun, or pastel colors!


  • A bold black and white checkerboard floor. 


  • Polka dots


  • Throwback appliances such as a 60s fridge and stove in bright colors. 


  • Padded stools at the bar for a bit of a “diner” feel. 


  • Throwback posters and signs. 


  • Brightly colored furniture. 


  • Lots of contrast. 


If you have a big personality with lots of life and aren’t scared to go bold and make a statement, have some fun and go Retro!  

Modern Kitchen Design


Often confused with Contemporary style, Modern style is simple and low stimulus. 


Main features of modern style 


Modern style is: 

  • Minimal
  • Simple
  • Streamlined
  • Functional
  • Uncluttered 


The difference between Modern style and Contemporary style is that Contemporary style changes with fads, whereas Modern style stays the same. 

modern kitchen vs contemporary kitchen 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Modern design embraces the idea that “form follows function,” meaning that all furnishings and decor should have a purpose and that if it doesn’t have a purpose, you can eliminate it. 


This makes for a simple, uncluttered style of decorating. Low-fuss, minimal, and clean, Modern style uses natural light, horizontal furnishings with clean lines, and little fluff.  


The color palette mainly includes neutrals and natural colors.


Elements of a Modern kitchen 


A Modern style kitchen may include: 


  • Simple, flat-front cabinetry (such as Shaker cabinets) with minimal hardware.


  • Shiny, reflective materials such as glass, stainless steel, marble, or wood veneer. 


  • All black fixtures.


  • Straight, clean lines. 


  • Neutral colors. 


  • Geometric shapes.  


  • Designer light fixtures. 


  • Minimal decorations. 


If you are the classy, sophisticated type who likes a streamlined, minimalistic look, then Modern design might be right for you.  

Craftsman Style Kitchen

The Craftsman style emerged in the early 1900s in response to mass production and cheap goods. It emphasizes simplicity and quality. 


Main features of the Craftsman style 


Craftsman style is: 

  • Earthy 
  • Simple
  • Well-made 
  • Plain
  • Warm 


A Craftsman-style interior typically includes a lot of natural wood polished to a bright sheen. This style celebrates artistry and quality construction, so furniture and cabinetry are well-made but simple. 


Wonder where to find such good quality furniture and cabinetry? 


Amish woodworking products are almost always top-notch! 


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This style uses straight, simple lines and vintage items to achieve a clean, straightforward feeling. In a lot of ways, Craftsman design is similar to a cozy farmhouse. 


The Craftsman color palette generally consists of warm, rich, autumnal colors. Colors are often muted to give them a more natural quality. 

craftsman style kitchen design 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Elements of a Craftsman-style kitchen 


A Craftsman-style kitchen may include: 


  • Craftsman-style kitchen cabinets. Craftsman-style cabinets have straight lines, high-quality construction, and minimal decoration. They are simple and elegant.


  • Natural wood. The Craftsman style’s straight lines and simple design allow the beauty of natural wood to shine! 


  • An earthy color scheme.


  • Antique bronze or frosted glass light fixtures. 


  • White appliances. 


  • Hardwood countertops. 


  • A deep, farmhouse-style sink.


  • An artisan tin or tile backsplash. 


If you like simplicity, quality, and a vintage farmhouse feel, a Craftsman-style kitchen will suit you perfectly.   

Shabby Chic Kitchen Style


Shabby Chic is a delicate, feminine style that is all about embracing imperfection.  


Main features of Shabby Chic decorating 


Shabby Chic decor is:

  • Feminine
  • Vintage
  • Light
  • Airy 
  • Aged 


Shabby Chic emerged in the 1980s in reaction to trends of decadence and luxury. Instead of gleaming marble and sleek brass, Shabby Chic style embraced chipping paint, distressed materials, and worn furniture, as well as vintage elements. 


The Shabby Chic look uses materials like linen and burlap, soft hues, and distressed furniture to create a worn, lived-in feeling. The light, soft colors also give it an airy feel.

shabby chich kitchen design Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Colors usually include pastels, cream, beige, and white. 


Vintage accessories almost always come into play! Chandeliers, china, and old furniture look great in Shabby Chic interiors.


Elements of a Shabby Chic kitchen


A Shabby Chic kitchen might include: 


  • Distressed wooden cabinets or rustic wood cabinets that highlight natural beauty and imperfections. 


  • Vintage lighting fixtures like chandeliers. 


  • Reclaimed materials.


  • Open shelving to display treasures. 


  • Old fashioned china with floral designs. 


  • Ruffles, flowers, burlap, and lace. 


  • An antique porcelain sink. 


  • Free-standing furniture such as a china cabinet to display that floral china. 


  • Soft pastel colors. 



If you are the feminine type who likes vintage decor and embraces imperfection, Shabby Chic might be your best fit. 

Industrial Kitchen Design

In stark contrast with Shabby Chic, Industrial design is a popular style reminiscent of a factory or workshop. It’s often associated with city apartments or lofts. 


Main features of Industrial design


Industrial design is:

  • Urban
  • Repurposed
  • Minimalist
  • Streamlined
  • Open 


Industrial style takes old, industrial elements such as pipes, galvanized metal, exposed brick, and large windows and incorporates them into living spaces. It’s a refurbished type of look. 


Industrial spaces are typically open, with high ceilings and few walls. This style uses lots of metals, brick, and glass, and the final look is sleek and modern. 


The color palette is usually neutrals, with black and other dark hues being popular.

industrical kitchen design style 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Elements of an Industrial kitchen 


An Industrial kitchen may include:


  • Lots of open shelving or flat front cabinets with simple hardware. Black cabinets are very popular. 


  • High ceilings and open space.


  • A dark color theme. 


  • Lots of stainless steel, glass, marble, and other smooth, shiny materials. 


  • A modern looking light fixture or recessed lights. 


  • Exposed pipes, ducts, or brick. 


  • Large windows. 


  • Live plants. 


  • Copper or stainless steel cookware. 


If you are modern and urban with sophisticated tastes, an industrial kitchen might be for you! 

Coastal Kitchen Design

Coastal design takes you straight to the beach! It’s a calming, sea-inspired look.


Main features of Coastal design 


Coastal design is: 


  • Light 
  • Airy 
  • Peaceful 
  • Beachy
  • Natural


According to designer Caroline Kopp, “Coastal design is all about that feeling of peace and fun that you get from being near the water.” However, Coastal design is not the same thing as Nautical design. 


Coastal design relies on the color white and lots of natural lighting to create a light, airy feel. Coastal spaces should never feel cramped or dark. 

coastal kitchen design style 1024x682 1 Top 10 Popular Kitchen Styles (plus pictures of each)

Bold prints are a no-no, but simpler patterns like stripes sometimes make an appearance. Textures like jute, driftwood, cotton, and limestone add to the look as well. 


The color palette includes colors drawn from a sea landscape: seafoam, light blues and greens, soft pinks, and lots and lots of white and cream. Coastal colors are calming and peaceful.


This style gives you an “always on vacation” type of feeling!  


Elements of a Coastal Kitchen


A Coastal kitchen may include: 


  • White or cream cabinets in a simple Shaker style. White cabinets will reflect light and help to make your space even lighter and brighter. 


  • An open floor plan. 


  • A gentle, soothing color scheme. 


  • White, Cottage style paneling on the walls. 


  • Simple, sturdy furniture made from hardwood. Wood is usually lighter rather than darker and is often left unfinished or stained with a natural stain. 


  • Subtle, soothing lighting. Big windows are a go-to! 


  • Materials like jute, weathered driftwood, wicker, and other naturals. 


  • Stripes and navy accents.


  • Seaside themed decor and artwork. 


If you love the open, airy feeling of being at the beach, a Coastal kitchen would be just right for you! 



Wow, we covered a lot of ground with our kitchen and kitchen cabinet styles! 


Look through them again to get an idea of which ones suit you the best. Or maybe you will find yourself falling in love with a combination of 2 or 3 styles!


Whichever style you like, the kitchen cabinets are one of the crucial elements that will help you create your dream kitchen style. 


And, whatever style you like, Misty Mountain Cabinetry can help you design cabinets for any look! 


It’s easy to work with us: 


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